Well the progress update for February 2019 promises to be very short and sweet.

The only real thing that’s happened in February 2019 is that the date for my next colonoscopy, which I mentioned in my last post, has been confirmed for the 13th March.

I do now, however, have my Moviprep sachets to keep me company. And I have a ‘residue-free’ diet to look forward to, early next month.

The sachets of Moviprep… just sitting there… taunting me!

Talking of diets, mine is going well. I may even get a compliment to that effect from the surgeon who will be doing the procedure. He does keep telling me to lose weight. Given that I also owe him a beer from a bet we made a few years ago, this could have the potential for a spectacularly awkward conversation:

Doc: Have you lost weight?

Me: I have, thanks for noticing. Here’s that beer I owe you.

Doc: Aw, you remembered, thanks. Now assume the position…

Also, I’m not sure whether beer is the sort of thing you can present to a surgeon, just before he carries out your colonoscopy.

Not that I’m suggesting walking in with a pint of beer. We are talking a bottle of fine Welsh craft beer, but even so.

Something like this but, you know, still in the bottle.

But enough about beer.

In terms of my overall health, my weight isn’t the only thing that coming down, so is my resting heart rate.

My resting heart rate seems to act as a good measure of how stressed I am. It’s usually around 48 beats per minute. In times that I’ve been stressed, it’s gone up to around 60 beats per minute…

The last couple of days, my resting heart rate has been 41 and 42 beats per minute.

I think it’s safe to say that, emotionally, I’m in a very good place at the moment.

And, with that, I’ll sign off.

February 2019 has been a good, quiet month in terms of my cancer, and I’m happy for that.

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